• Subtractive & Mold Applications
    • Deep etching of silicon, such as Bosch Process, glass and polymers
    • Embossing mold for silicone imprints
  • Additive Applications
    • High aspect ratio plating for the fabrication of bumps for flip-chip packaging, multi-chip modules, MEMS, sensors, thin-film magnetic heads

Copper coil plated with NR26-12000P mask after resist removal.
Metal (Cu) Thickness = 25µm
Photoresist = Futurrex NR26-12000P

  • Applications
    • Replacement for positive resists in RIE process and general etch applications

Futurrex NR5-8000, 4.5:1 AR
Example of resist resolution
Film thickness: 54µm
Mask dimension: 12µm line/space
Exposure dose: 1100 mJ/cm2.
Focus offset: -15µm.
Exposure tool: Ultratech Stepper Saturn
Model, i-line

  • Applications
    • Facilitation of single-layer lift-off process to pattern metals and dielectrics without RIE
    • Permanent components of devices (i.e. spacers, etc.)

Futurrex NR1-3000PY
Liftoff profile for Negative Resist
Photoresist Thickness = 3µm.

Optoelectronics / Photonics

Futurrex has a long standing history of enabling the design and manufacturing of telecom components, opto-electronics & photonics.

From refractive waveguides, refractive filters and microlenses to vertical cavity emitting lasers (VCSELs) and diodes, Futurrex solutions provide customers with unique processing capabilities allowing them to produce components at lower cost and targeting next-generation functions. Our solutions allow customers to process across a multitude of process windows and tools while also allowing customers to utilize a variety of substrates.

The following product suites are ideal for startups to legacy providers:

  • NR7/NR9-PY series negative resists for lift-off applications where advanced adhesion, higher throughput or higher temperature processing is required.
  • NR7-P-series resists for high selectivity and temperature resistance in RIE.
  • PR1-series positive-tone resists for patterning and etch applications.
  • NR9-P series negative resists for plating and wet etch applications where advanced adhesion is required.
  • NR26-P series negative resists for extreme thickness applications of greater than 100μm where superb resolution is required.
  • RD6 series resist developer for quick resist development, universally compatible with the development of positive or negative resists.
  • RR41/RR5 series chemicals for efficient and unique characteristics and performance during resist removal, including the safe removal of various temporary coatings, while being 100% compatible with Si, III/V substrates, II/VI substrates, Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) and all conventional metals including Cu, Ti, TiW, Au, Pt, Al, Ni, Ag-alloys, etc.