• Subtractive & Mold Applications
    • Deep etching of silicon, such as Bosch Process, glass and polymers
    • Embossing mold for silicone imprints
  • Additive Applications
    • High aspect ratio plating for the fabrication of bumps for flip-chip packaging, multi-chip modules, MEMS, sensors, thin-film magnetic heads

Copper coil plated with NR26-12000P mask after resist removal.
Metal (Cu) Thickness = 25µm
Photoresist = Futurrex NR26-12000P

  • Applications
    • Replacement for positive resists in RIE process and general etch applications

Futurrex NR5-8000, 4.5:1 AR
Example of resist resolution
Film thickness: 54µm
Mask dimension: 12µm line/space
Exposure dose: 1100 mJ/cm2.
Focus offset: -15µm.
Exposure tool: Ultratech Stepper Saturn
Model, i-line

  • Applications
    • Facilitation of single-layer lift-off process to pattern metals and dielectrics without RIE
    • Permanent components of devices (i.e. spacers, etc.)

Futurrex NR1-3000PY
Liftoff profile for Negative Resist
Photoresist Thickness = 3µm.

Analog Semiconductors

For the past two decades, Futurrex has focused on building robust product categories that encompass every aspect of the broad realm of analog semiconductor manufacturing, predominantly in markets that utilize g, h and i-line exposure wavelengths. Our comprehensive suites of front- and back-end-of-the-line products continue to be core elements in production facilities spanning Asian ODMs to domestic players, where products range from MMICs, power amps and passive components to next-generation RF-transceivers on exotic substrates. We continue to be a complete solutions provider while continuously evolving to produce novel product categories and groundbreaking solutions that cater to rigorous customer demands. Regardless of whether a customer needs an enabling solution that would differentiate performance or if a customer is simply trying to shift cost curves, Futurrex has capabilities and solutions that can meet the most esoteric customer requirement.

Other chemical providers focus on providing generic solutions, however in the ever-increasing world where performance and form factor differentiation matter to increasingly greater extents, Futurrex is the ideal provider. We can suit one of our turnkey solutions to specific customer requirements or engineer an entirely custom-specific solution that no industry competitor can match. The physics underlying our chemical solutions and our ability to formulate given specific customer goals and product requirements have allowed Futurrex product suites to become hallmarks of analog semiconductor fabrication around the globe:

  • NR9-PY series negative resists for lift-off applications where advanced adhesion, higher throughput or higher temperature processing is required.
  • NR7-PY series negative resists for higher-temperature lift-off applications and for use as a permanent spacer in devices
  • NR9-P series negative resists for plating and wet etch applications where advanced adhesion is required.
  • NR7-P series negative resists for mask applications in dry etching and for us as a permanent spacer in devices.
  • NR26-P series negative resists for extreme thickness applications of greater than 100μm where superb resolution is required.
  • NR5-series negative resists for thick film masking applications in deep reactive ion etching (RIE)
  • PR1-series positive-tone resists for patterning, etch and high-temperature processing applications
  • IC1/DC5-series coatings for spin-on dielectric and smoothing applications.
  • PC4-series coatings for planarization, temporary adhesion and mechanical protective applications
  • BDC1/PDC5/ZPDC2 series coatings for quick and efficient doping replacing capital intensive CVD doping steps
  • RD6 series resist developer for quick resist development, universally compatible with the development of positive or negative resists.
  • RR41/RR5 series chemicals for efficient and unique characteristics and performance during resist removal, including the safe removal of various temporary coatings, while being 100% compatible with Si, III/V substrates, II/VI substrates, Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) and all conventional metals including Cu, Ti, TiW, Au, Pt, Al, Ni, Ag-alloys, etc.
  • EBR2 series solutions for efficient and quick edge bead removing applications

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