• Subtractive & Mold Applications
    • Deep etching of silicon, such as Bosch Process, glass and polymers
    • Embossing mold for silicone imprints
  • Additive Applications
    • High aspect ratio plating for the fabrication of bumps for flip-chip packaging, multi-chip modules, MEMS, sensors, thin-film magnetic heads

Copper coil plated with NR26-12000P mask after resist removal.
Metal (Cu) Thickness = 25µm
Photoresist = Futurrex NR26-12000P

  • Applications
    • Replacement for positive resists in RIE process and general etch applications

Futurrex NR5-8000, 4.5:1 AR
Example of resist resolution
Film thickness: 54µm
Mask dimension: 12µm line/space
Exposure dose: 1100 mJ/cm2.
Focus offset: -15µm.
Exposure tool: Ultratech Stepper Saturn
Model, i-line

  • Applications
    • Facilitation of single-layer lift-off process to pattern metals and dielectrics without RIE
    • Permanent components of devices (i.e. spacers, etc.)

Futurrex NR1-3000PY
Liftoff profile for Negative Resist
Photoresist Thickness = 3µm.

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